HandsThe price of a massage, acupuncture, or combination massage plus acupuncture treatment is:

30 minutes                                    AED 500
45 minutes                                    AED 700
60 minutes                                    AED 1000

(All prices include HST)

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Massage Prices and Dubai massage service

We met, I closed, got the number, waited six days approximately to phone and landed the initial booking. At all times, I kept things light and humorous and under one hour, and I had been given lots of purchasing signs. Weve had eight bookings since then, each end using a passionate kiss along with a grin. I waited a week between each booking to phone or set up another one.

I told Dubai massage girl that I would be out of town for christmas. I reacted with a thank you, and said that I believed it had been really considerate.

This is quite different from her previous behaviour, as she’d constantly call me back promptly.

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I am aware that is a negative signal, but, Doctor, Im so very mistaken. I could generally tell if Ive messed up in some important way, but what am I missing here? I ‘ve eight bookings in with this particular girl who constantly shown consistent behaviour, and today this? I understand that you say that you just dont count anything until 10 or 12 Dubai massage bookings, but there must be some kind of reasoning or logic behind this.

I needed to wait until the jinglebells were out of our heads as well as the vacations were around to contact her.

In the event you were able to help me make sense of this, Doctor, it’d mean a great deal if you ask me. The reality that Dubai massage girl isnt replying to you now is really an enormous red flag.

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